Plumbing Issues We Had 2015.

Hello guys! Sorry for the delay in updates. We had some big issues with plumbing in 2015 in our office in the 3rd quarter of the year. So bad we were out of the office most of the time causing major delay in everything we were doing. We had a bad foundation and plumbing issue that many plumbers couldn’t fix. However we did find a company who was able to help us.

They specialize in plumbing for all types of issues. These grand prairie plumbers helped us big time! Only these guys, they were able to solve, locate and fix the problem. If you are located in the GP, TX area (north texas) contact the GP Plumbers Experts, They have over 20+ years in experience and are fast! They gave me a quote on the plumbing job fast. Anyway contact them if you have any plumbing issues. The Waxahachie Plumbing Co is another great plumber. They specialize in drain cleaning, pipe cleaning, slab leak repair and toilet change out. Contact us if you need their number. Mention us for a 20% discount.

Moscilio Update #43

Today’s blog posts I’m just going to rant about my day today. While extremely busy and didn’t really get time to do any research on some upcoming vacation spots I’m looking to attend so my day really has been productive. There are a few spots I’m looking to visit within the next year so I definitely want nothing you guys on the process of me getting there. Where? It’s a secret for now because once I get it in line and set in stone and we will discuss. I want to give a few shout out some people that have helped me recently on some issues I was having with. First off I was needing a designer to help me out with some graphics and some artwork for my website in addition to some brochures on working on. Finding a good designers hard. There’s just so many of them out there I don’t know who to pick from. I ran across this guy named Steve from Texas. This guy knows graphic design and understands my vision when simply explaining to him on what I was looking for. for those that are looking for custom mixtape graphic designer I’m going to post a link to his website here. Check out this guy’s work he definitely knows how to create graphics and can help get the job done quick. I also want to give a shout out to a plumbing company and it helped me out last week. This plumbing company is called Plumbing Rankers SEO. They were able to assist me with my plumbing issues which I had problems with the up-to-date meet in a lot of my task throughout the week.. for those in the area is seeking a plumber took of these guys. I’ll also do any of you guys more information on my Facebook to contact me on their give me a call on my phone number 214 – 366 – 2244 I will do my best to give you guys a call back. So look out for any more updates coming soon within the next week I will update you

Meet My New Dog

I want you all to be my new dog name the beast. Oh yes this wonderful crazy Chihuahua I ran across the other day while visiting a friend of mine. His female dog had puppies and use the given way. I’m such a sucker for dogs and decided to take one. This lovely sweet little dog is now been in my life for over a month and take care hands almost like taking care of a baby.

A friend of mine breeds dogs and getting some great tips for those that have a healthy happy dog. He’s been a dog breeder for years and has bred many kinds from pit bulls, bulldogs, terriers and other popular breeds. He’s a very loyal and dedicated breeder and enjoys the process of breeding. I asked him the other day what are some great nutritional tips I give my dog to feed him well and to give him a proper nutrition. He told me never to buy cheap food and use good premium high it will help him live stronger and healthier throughout his life. He also gave me some great supplements that I could give my dog that would help him over to. I will post links below to some popular dog vitamins is recommended me to.

So for those of you with the dog went check these out. We all want to have a happy pet that’s playful and healthy overall. We also want to avoid bad breeders out there. As there are some breeders that just in any condition just to make a profit. These dogs aren’t always in top shape in the long run they will cost a lot of money and can even put down the dog gets things get any worse.

For those of you out there with the dog. Be sure to leave a comment with a photo of your dog and yourself for a chance to win a free vitamin supplement my friend gave me to give away for my blog. It’s a $45 value and you get it for free all I ask is that you leave a comment after this blog post with a photo of you and about and his name. Simple rules to win a great prize.

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I really hope you all enjoyed the article previously wrote entitled destination spots. You can locate this article by clicking here and read all the wonderful adventures can travel in the US. Additional topics and ideas from my readers supposed free to write to me and let me know what your thoughts are and what you would like to see more of on my blog. This blog is sponsored by our friends Accuvac Technologies.

As I write this post I’m currently individually on a four-month vacation enjoying the beautiful scenery this country has to offer. Learning a lot more permission and upcoming topics for your enjoyment view photos of my recent adventures. This is just a short blurb host just to inform you what I’ve been up to lately so for now take care and contact me for additional concerns or subjects you would like me to go over.

Welcome to!

Hello guys! And welcome to my website.

My website is a blog about my travel all over the world and specifically Italy.  I am from the United States but recently had a change in life plans to just travel the world. I ended up in different parts of the world and one place stood out to me the most — Italy. Such a beautiful place to live and experience. So let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Jessie. I from California.

I use to work as a dog trainer helping people walk their dogs and train them for the better. I specialized in working with Pit bulls and other tough breeds such as those. I plan on discussing many parts of my life here.

I look forward to hearing from my readers and getting feedback from everyone that lands on my website. Please feel free to share my blog with others on Facebook. I want to get my stories out to everyone online.